How to make the most of splendid isolation

I’ve been single for three months now. No-one in the background, no-one I’m messaging. Just me. And now the UK is in Covid19 lockdown, I’m even more just me. I’d told myself I was going to spend time on my own, and it seems now that the universe is conspiring with me to achieve that aim. I’ve now got the time to go inwards, to be creative, and figure out what I actually want out of my life, and if indeed I do actually want to be in a relationship again. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m out on my government-sanctioned daily trips on my bike my hearts yearns at the number of couples I see out holding hands, and just being, together. But instead of making me want to run out into the world (when we’re allowed back out) and find myself a man, it galvanises my thinking that I need to stay on my own, and only become part of a partnership when I can find someone who is right for me, and not settle for anything else. I learned a lot about love last year, and I intend being the schoolmistress of my own correction in 2020.

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