How to burn fearlessly…

We are here to burn fearlessly….

I came across this quote recently and something about it really chimed with me. I have been trying to find myself after me and my boy’s dad split up, and some days I do well at burning brightly as me, and other days I hang my head down, as I lose her again.

At the minute I’m really struggling to keep my emotions stable as they are up and down dependent on other people. And something I need to learn to do is to stop anchoring how I feel to other people and to just burn with my own flame, and not allow it to get extinguished by other people’s negativity or lack of interest.

Last night I took the, to me, brave, step of going to a cocktail bar alone after doing some Christmas shopping. I sat perched on a bar stool with a lovely, expensive, cocktail, enjoying my singledom and totally happy in my own company. I was burning fearlessly. And today when I felt like my sparkle was dimmed a bit this morning, I thought back to last night, and the memory of it has reignited my flame, and reminded me that doing things solo that frighten me a bit makes me braver and more grateful to be single and free.

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